A quick update on my ability to use a computer

Yeah. That took awhile

Yes, my last blog post posted more than a few months ago. That’s a long time. Like a stupid long time. For that faithful reader, I apologize.

However, in that time, I’ve come to learn a ton of new stuff about computing, the Mac, productivity, scripting and more. I know that I can provide knowledge and help most people be better at using a computer. And I plan on doing that going forward.

I however, want to ask for something in return.

My blog is, well, a very narrow vertical. I plan to cover productivity tips for both OS X and iOS. Most people probably don’t use these platforms to be productive day to day. So, here’s my ask:

If you use a Mac or iOS device, try some of what I’m talking about. I promise what I’m telling you is totally better than what you’re doing.

  1. Tell your friends who are Apple product users. I want to grow an audience that is unique and diverse.
  2. There are tons of Apple productivity sites out there. I know because I read most of them. However, I plan to share ideas, tips and app suggestions that can benefit the general user instead of catering to the power user. Because those guys and gals are nerds, right? 😉

Here’s to more blog posts moving forward.