Six Plus Thoughts

This is not a review. I’ve read enough of those and don’t need to contribute to that world. Instead, this an annotated list of observations that I’ve had while using this phone. Some, you may find to be totally obvious. But that’s okay.

The Screen is Big Enough to Not Only Consume but Produce.

I’m tapping this out on the phone. While not only an experiment of dog-fooding my own article, I’ve actually grown accustomed to the the 6S+’s estate. It offers a compromise that seems fair to both overall size and usable screen. Compromises like this rarely happen in the tech world and never happen in the meat world. While the portrait keyboard is quite spacious and a definite upgrade from the dinky 5S, the horizontal view is better but only by a hair. The addition of quite a few more buttons is indeed nice, I’m looking at you comma key, but the size of the keys is definitely still small enough to easily make errors especially when autocorrect is working against your preferred diction. However, this horizontal keyboard is something that I can see myself becoming more familiar with and possibly preferring whilst writing.1

3D Touch Should be Game Changer.

One of the feature I was most excited to get my fingers on was 3D Touch. In terms of overhauling a user experience, 3D Touch showed promise for completely changing how I interacted with my device. The extra “layer” of functionality seems genius. I want to reach into my device.

The window to reach through is hard to open. Multiple times, especially when writing large chunks of text, I have trouble “finding” 3D Touch. Either I have to gingerly touch my finger to the screen, then press into it. This slows me down. I can’t just mash my finger harder into the screen first. I need to push into from a simple tap. Cursor manipulation also doesn’t make much sense. Sometimes the cursor flies across the screen and other times I start selecting text. I don’t get it. I hope that this is a learned motion that grows in precision and accuracy as time elapses. After adjusting the sensitivity, moving it from soft to medium, I feel that 3D Touch is more accurate and precise. Hopefully soon it’ll become second nature to use it.

Peek and pop are interaction points that don’t feel native to my brain. Sure, they’re extremely handy, but I don’t think to preview a link. Usually, when I see a link that I like I intend to visit it based off the text. I’m more auditory and language based than a visual interpreter.

The addition of quick actions is one of my favorite things I’ve used on my phone. Just to get to this text file, all I had to do was 3D Touch on 1Writer and I was in. Tapping away. Sure, it isn’t that hard to get to anything on iOS, but that simple addition makes me want to jump into apps and get things done. Over the past few days, I’ve used Drafts, 1Writer, Workflow and other powerhouse apps more just because they’re easily accessible. This is a welcome change.

Usually I’m not one for gimmicky, kitschy things. But Live Photos have captured me. The fact is, I don’t take a lot of photos. I do cherish the moments I decide to capture so having more data around these moments is just bliss. Enable Live Photos and you’ll understand that once you have contextual awareness around your photos, you won’t want to go back.

I use my phone horizontally now.

Using my old iPhone 5S in a horizontal orientation was a joke. You’d see nothing on the screen and the keyboard wasn’t helpful. The 6S+ has changed this as well for me. Seeing a little less than half the screen is more than enough for me when writing any sort of text. Sure do I wish I could see more. But the keys are just the right size on they keyboard.

Retina HD makes bad videos look bad.

Having a phone that is 1080p makes all other videos look so bad. Even 720p can sometimes look dodgy. I never thought that this would be an issue for me.

On the screen resolution front, scaled apps from the 4″ screen or even 4.7″ size look horrid. I just hate them. I can’t even imagine what iPad Pro users feel like with scaled up apps.

So those are my thoughts. I’ve been writing this for three weeks. Thought I might just publish it. Let me know what you think. And let me know if you have a 6S+.

  1. My grip has shifited into a weird shape to take full advantage of the horizontal key layout. I don’t think that this is good for my hands but it is definitely helping the WPMs.