Why I Switched to WordPress

I’m surprisingly happy with how WordPress is working for me. I’m writing more than I have in a long while, and that’s what’s important, not what CMS I’m using.

thenerdscribe.com has been through quite a few different iterations over the years. In rough chronological order:

No CMS: I first built my website all from scratch. I hosted it on my current hosting company A Small Orange. Everything was built and updated by hand. I do not miss the days of editing HTML files every time I wanted to “post” something.

Tumblr: I briefly had a stint with Tumblr. I did not like the blogging atmosphere at all.

Squarespace: My first real CMS was Squarespace. I think I found it through podcasts or some of my own digging. Blown away by the features and simplicity, I used my site the most during that period. However, I got bored by the basic aspects of the platform . Sure you can inject CSS and JavaScript, but I found that not having full control over my template was troubling. I will forever and always recommend people use Squarespace to make websites, but for me, I needed something a little more hack-able.

Jekyll: My false prophet came in the form of a flat file blog generator. Jekyll was supposed to be everything I wanted. Fully customizable, no bulky databases to get hacked, instant page loads… I could go on, but I won’t. Jekyll is awesome. There’s no doubting that. But I had a problem. I don’t run my site from a computer. I blog from my phone. I hacked around that problem and even tried to build custom workflows to get more writing done. Surprise. It didn’t help.

To post on my Jekyll-powered blog from my phone, I had to write in one app, save it to a file, copy the entire thing into another app, make the same file, resolve any conflicts in Dropbox, commit the blog post, push it to my server, hope everything worked okay, look at the post, notice a typo, reconcile merge conflicts and try to redo all those steps. It was a nightmare. Now, I write in one app and share it my blog. If I have any errors, they’re super easy to manage.

With all its downfalls, having my blog powered by WordPress has got me posting more. I love writing from my couch and not having a bulky computer to be distracted.

I have a habit of eating my words

I poo poo’d Apple for years. Now, I won’t buy anything else.

I hated the 6+ when it came out. Now, I’m using one as my main computing device.

I’ve loathed WordPress for years. Now, I’ve abandoned all other CMS platforms.