Walmart Pay


Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT.N) launched its own mobile payment service Walmart Pay on Thursday, potentially dealing a sharp blow to the ambitions of a mobile wallet the company had been co-developing with a consortium of retailers.

Do people seriously not realize why the credit card became ubiquitous?

Having more options in this vertical isn’t going to help anyone. Credit cards are accepted everywhere because people decided they were simple for every customer to use. Sure, they were extremely insecure, but that simplicity crowned the credit card King.

I know in my friends and family, especially my girlfriend, are not excited for chipped cards. The process is unbearably longer and clunkier. An person pulling out their card too soon and voiding the transaction makes everyone in line curse.

You know what’s simple? Apple Pay.1 I love when a retailer actually supports it. With the addition of the 6S+’s super fast Touch ID sensor, the transaction is over before anyone could even try to swipe their card. Opening an app, clicking into a new section and then taking a picture is super slow. No one is going to adopt this.

Retailers need to accept that fast, secure, anonymous payments are the way of the future.

Because I seriously don’t know what I’ll do if there’s another breach like Target’s.

  1. I’m guessing Google Wallet and Samsung Pay are simple too. I just don’t have firsthand experience with them.