My iPhone Home Screen Clean Up

I’ve got my home screen down to only three rows. That doesn’t feel right.

My cleaned off Home screen.

Yeah. It’s weird, but I think having a super minimal home screen will keep me off my phone a bit more. I’m happy to try this experiment.

The Nuts & Bolts

My current device is an iPhone 6S Plus Space Grey 64GB. This is by far the best iPhone I’ve ever owned. Hands down.

The wallpaper is a photo from taken by my friend Craig Jones. It can be found here, and this is the blog post where the photo is posted in.

The Apps

Top Row:


I take a lot of calls for work. So sadly, I still use my phone as a phone. Really hoping to move this in the future.


I don’t rely on any other system to sync my passwords. So I’m popping into 1Password a fair amount. Might be able to push this to my second screen.


Work uses Slack to communicate. I’m going to try and get a friends group to use it as well, but we’ll see how that goes. I love Slack and want to use it on any and all of my projects anyways so I don’t mind if it’s on my home screen.


Unfortunately, there’s a few holdouts for Slack at work so I have to keep two messaging apps around. I find this extremely annoying. Switch to Slack already!

Middle Row:


I’m constantly listening to podcasts. Depending on my mood, I swap between listening to two or three episodes actively at a given time. Probably not the right way of doing things but it works for me.


Recently, I’ve gotten back into reading Reddit more. After some deliberation, I chose Beam as my daily driver. I still have Narwhal installed but I’m really digging Beam’s interface.

Day One

I purchased the original Day One years ago. And to this day, I still wish I used it more. It sits on my home screen just waiting to be written in, and yet, it rarely gets opened.


1Writer came on high recommendation from Federico Vittici who is the king of getting work done on iOS. Before, I used and loved Editorial, but the lack of an update for 6S has made it nearly unusable. 1Writer is pretty great though. The only problem is that I’m avoiding writing my own actions for it because I hate JavaScript. But necessity may win out in the end.

Bottom Row:


Apple Music frustrates me. Like a lot. But I continue to use it. And I guess I use it enough for it to be on my main screen. 😒


Another Federico Viticci recommendation, 2Do has been the only task manager to stick for me. It’s fussy and notifies in a way that I like. Annoyingly. Prefect for getting me off my butt.


This is the only social network I check regularly. I don’t even check Twitter that much. Only Instagram and Reddit really get my attention.


This is the third email client I’ve tried post Mailbox meltdown. It’s the first app that fits my muscle memory. And with a slick Mac app, I’ve come to really like Airmail a lot.

Spotlight is Neat

To find all of my other applications, I’m trying to use Spotlight more and more. A simple swipe down allows me to access my apps with relative ease. I really hope to get that action into my muscle memory.

I really love apps and could probably write a review for each one on my home screen.

Which apps do you love? Reach out to me on Twitter, I’ll actually see that as a notification, you won’t get lost in the shuffle.