Code Keyboard Check in

I’ve had my CODE Keyboard for about a month now. Definitely have some strong feelings about it.

What I’ve Been Feeling

God. I still really love this keyboard. My typing speed is about the same, but the satisfaction of typing is so much greater. The clickity-clack of every keystroke delights me. Each key press feels precise. There’s no more random strokes, just solid typing.

I don’t have much to add to my original post. I do love that I’ve remapped my CAPS-LOCK key to be a CTRL key. Even though it seems like a small change, having a centralized CTRL key makes keyboard shortcuts even easier.

Moving forward, I’m going to be getting a second, work keyboard. I’d like to cease transporting my CODE to and from work. Also, my coworkers really hate the sound of my keyboard, so I might get the softer MX Brown switches instead of the bombastically loud MX Blues. That’s down the road however.

If you’re interested in mechanical keyboards I’d really recommend checking out r/mechanicalkeyboards. That community is passionate and they post a ton of pretty pictures to look at.

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