Programming Makes Me Giddy

I really love programming. And think you should learn to do it too.

As hobbies go, I’ve tried a lot of things. Remote control cars, hacky sack, video games, musical instruments, podcasting, and drawing, just to name a few. But who hasn’t run the gamut to find what their passionate about?

One hobby though that has stuck with me is programming. Finally, I have a found something that’s cheap as free thanks to editors like vim and the abundance of open source librarie. Programming is also super fun to do.

Programming scratches a few itches that if you’re anything like me, nothing else really comes close to fulfilling.

For one, you’re building something from nothing and you don’t have to have a bunch of machinery to do it. That’s an awesome feeling. When a program finally works without any errors, that sensation of satisfaction isn’t matched by much else.

I also love that I’m always learning and improving with programming. No matter how many times I do something with the same libraries, I’m looking at you Requests and Beautiful Soup, the implementation is always changing. Sure, if this wasn’t a hobby I might stick with one convention, but I love learning and trying to always do better.

I can create new, different things while programming every day and all it takes is a new .py file.

If you’re anything like me, I really recommend learning to program.

Personally, I started with HTML, CSS and a tiny bit of jQuery. But I really found my passion when I started learning Python.

Python is great because the code is very expressive and written a lot of the time like how you might say something. It also forces you to keep somewhat clean code which not many other languages do.

My recommendation is to check out Codecademy. Their Python course really is bomb. And if you need help with anything, let me know. I’m always happy to help people learn.