Trying Not to Work on an iPad

Recently, I was “gifted” an iPad by my girlfriend1. It isn’t anything special, just an iPad Mini 2 16GB. After using it for about a week though, I really don’t understand how I’ve gone without an iPad for so long.

My Former Love: The iPad with Retina Display

I owned the third generation iPad with Retina display back in 2012. I loved that thing. I used it basically every day in class. However, I wasn’t the nerd I am today and didn’t know how to use the iPad to its full potential. Or maybe I was using it fully, but the apps available weren’t “power user” enough yet. Either way, I sold it. I’be regretted that decision for quite some time now.

Years later, I purchased the iPhone 6S+. Again, I was enamoured by iOS and its ability to bring delight to computing tasks. I love my 6S+ and wouldn’t trade it even though now I’ve got two devices that are butting up against each other in size.

Day to Day with the iPad

I mostly have this iPad set up to consume media. My top used apps seem to be Pinner, Instapaper, Safari, Narwhal, Plex and Netflix. My time is split between watching videos and reading articles. This suits my needs well, as I don’t have any major side projects currently, so I don’t have a huge need to “get work done” when I’m home.

The size of this iPad makes it perfect for reading. It comfortably fits in one hand and I can use it for hours. Nightshift is amazing and makes late-night browsing not a problem. Of course, I’d love a bigger display and better speakers for watching video. I’m willing to make that trade off since this iPad was basically free.

Moving from media, I do have some “work” type apps installed. I’m writing this post in Editorial for iPad which is a great writing app that I’be used on my phone for quite some time. I don’t have any fancy workflows set up, yet, but the writing environment is almost as comfortable as Vim. Screen typing isn’t really my thing, so I’m using the battery powered Apple Bluetooth keyboard. I hate the dome switches, but it’s definitely better than typing slowly with my thumbs.

It’s weird. I haven’t messed around with any workflows or productivity apps like I usually do. Sure, I have Workflow and Pythonista installed, but I just haven’t had the motivation to do anything with them.

Hopefully writing will make me want to optimize everything little thing about my process, as usual.

Do you have any cool iPad apps or workflows? Share them with on Twitter!

  1. She not so much gifted it to me, but instead surrendered it because she hadn’t used it in over a month.