Posting to My Blog From iOS

Any time I want to post to my blog from iOS I use Workflow so the process is always consistent.

The Workflow

My workflow is a modification of Federico Viticci’s workflow that he published last year. Credit where credit is due, Viticci built a workflow that suited my needs out of the box for quite some time. I’d recommend reading his article about the workflow for an in-depth look at how it works.


As with most things, I needed to modify the workflow to suit my needs better. The base idea is that this workflow will always sit between the writing app and the website. This consistency needs to work across many apps.

Originally, to name the post, you would need to copy the file name to the clipboard in whatever app you were using so Workflow could read the clipboard and get the post text. Programmatically, this a very simple task in Editorial or 1Writer, but in other apps, it’s not.

Recently, I’ve been using Ulysses for writing blog posts which doesn’t use file names when syncing via iCloud. I’m experimenting with finding any <h1> tags and selecting which one should be the title and then removing it from the text. It’s a little rough, but it gets the job done.

I love the idea of having an intermediary processor that is editor agnostic, but Ulysses is adding support for posting to WordPress soon. We’ll see if this workflow becomes less useful in the near future.

Have a different way of posting to your blog? See an error in my workflow? Let me know on Twitter