Ulysses 2.6

My new preferred text editor, Ulysses, got an update today. I haven’t fully written down my thoughts on where Ulysses fits into my workflow, but let me tell you the key features in this update that I’m loving.

Typewriter Scrolling

Looking at the bottom of the screen as your writing is dumb because ergonomically, it’s a nightmare. Whenever possible I look for typewriter scrolling in my applications.

If you’re unfamiliar with quality writing apps that provide this for you, the cursor in the app is fixed to a particular position and the document moves up and down based on what part of the content is on. This feels so much more natural. Instead of the cursor bouncing around up and down, you can expect it the same general place every single time. It’s absolutely wonderful.

How Ulysses looks while you are writing with typewriter scorlling

How Ulysses looks while you are writing with typewriter scorlling

While editing, I do turn off typewriter scrolling since I’m jumping around the document a lot and just want to type where I place my cursor.

Post to WordPress

Usually I’m wary of using a built-in system for publishing to my blog. Instead, I have a workflow to post to my blog.

In version 2.6, Ulysses has added the ability to post to WordPress within the app. It seems like this feature is customizable, so I’m excited to mess around with a new workflow. Apparently, I can even do link posts from within the editor.

Deleting to Whitespace

This probably won’t affect anyone else except me, but it seems like Ulysses has started deleting to whitespace characters instead of the nearest character. This is the default behavior on the Mac and makes way more sense in my opinion. Thank you for changing this, seriously.

If you’re looking for a fantastic writing application that works on your Mac, iPhone and iPad, I really can’t recommend Ulysses enough.