iPhone X: The Best iPhone Yet

Right off the bat, I don’t notice the notch. I thought it would bug me. I wanted to be angry at Apple, but yeah, I don’t notice it at all. I do notice when apps don’t take advantage of that big, beautiful OLED panel. Apps that follow the right design aesthetic make the phone feel huge.

Even compared to my iPhone 7+, this thing feels big. I always went for the Plus because I knew I wanted the biggest, baddest phone out there. Now with the iPhone X (and my newly acquired iPad Pro), I’m noticing that I don’t miss the extra screen real estate the Plus offered me.

Holding the iPhone X in my hand makes me happy. I’ve got tiny hands, so using the 7+ previously was an uncomfortable dance on a daily basis. Now with the iPhone X, I don’t have that problem. I can actually grip this phone and reach all of its edges with far more ease. Even if an iPhone X+ comes out, I don’t think I’ll get it because I don’t need the screen real estate now that I’ve got my iPad Pro by my side.

The other big thing people are scared of is Face ID. Touch ID became ubiquitous in the Apple eco-system, so a change this big would be troubling for anyone.

It’s not and you’ll end up loving it. So far, Face ID still feels like magic, but that magic doesn’t work a lot more often than Touch ID ever did for me. I’m still trying to figure out the little quirks to Face ID to get a positive match every single time. I’d say every one in ten times I try to unlock my phone it doesn’t recognize me. That 10% is huge when you’re on your phone so much throughout the day. However, the muscle memory of just looking at my phone to unlock it wormed its way into my brain is super quickly. Being able to tap the screen and glance at the phone (even in the dark!) is just cool. I hope Face ID keeps getting better because I’m excited to see where it goes.

Having no home button also was easy to adapt to. Like weirdly easy. Over the past two weeks, I can only remember thinking I had a home button twice. Which just manifested as me pushing a bit harder on the screen as I swiped up. The gestures are bit wonky to get used to1, but hey, that’s something we have to get used to with any new update. My favorite part of not having a home button is the fast app switching allotted by the “home toggle.” Just by swiping on it, you can get to your most recent apps quite easily.

The display is absolutely a knockout. OLED is definitely a step up in terms of quality. I especially enjoy having True Tone on my phone as it really makes the screen look more natural in different lighting scenarios.

A pro tip for anyone on an iPhone X, switch to black backgrounds anywhere you can. Black is really black on an OLED compared to regular LCD panels. You’ll notice the difference in the dynamic range.

Overall, I’m super happy with my iPhone X. I thought it was super frivolous moving to the X from the 7+, but it was totally worth it. Don’t go for the 8 and 8+, just move up to the X and you’ll be happy.

  1. Reachibility, I’m looking at you.