Retro 51

I’ve heard a lot about this pen, but I had no clue that it was this good.

Something should be said for designs that work for decades. In pen design, the Lamy 2000 is the first that comes to mind. To me, the 2000 could’ve been designed yesterday, and I’d believe it, even though it first came out in the 50s. Well thought out design doesn’t age. It’s timeless.

Which brings me to Retro 51. A pen that I knew was well loved in the pen community, I had been delaying picking one up because the designs never spoke to me. Until I saw one of these beauties in person. First designed in 1990, the Retro 51 Tornado really looks wonderful in person. My photo doesn’t do it justice. The brown lacquer and rose gold accents just ooze style to me. It’s fancy without being gaudy.

The Retro 51 feels amazing in the hand. The lacquer practically melts which is great. While a little more rigid my Lamy 2000 or Sailor Pro Gear Slim, I still feel like I could write a novel with this pen. Do I like my fountain pens more? Sure. But, for less than third the price, the Retro 51 is fantastic in the style category and writes super duper well.

If you’re just getting into the pen game, check out the Retro 51, you’ll dig it, I promise.