The Undying Mac

In the time of owning my MacBook Pro I have owned three separate iPads. I didn’t realize that until now. My Mac is now seven years old. And boy it’s showing its age, but it keeps chugging along. Just yesterday, I installed the latest version of macOS. That’s a testament to how fantastic Macs are.

I don’t think this is something that is revolutionary in computing. However, it makes me hopefully for the future of the Mac insofar as I can buy a computer this year and I should be good into my 30s.

Not many things in our lives last very long. I’ve moved like sixty times since 2011; my car changed; those around me have cycled out. Yeesh. While depressing, I think my Mac illustrates that while posessions aren’t eternal, something well made really can last.

All this is to say, I’m glad that I can still write a blog post from computer and only be slightly worried that it’ll die randomly.