AirPods: First Impressions

Apple’s most love product launched in recent history, AirPods, have made their way into my possession. They totally live up to the hype.

I’d be lying if I said I was skeptical about buying AirPods. More accurately, I was delaying the inevitable by waiting to buy them. However, today, I broke down after reading The Verge’s Vlad Savov thoughts on them. I told myself they were for the gym as I’ve had some major issues with headphone cords on the treadmill, but again, that’s not the whole truth. I really just wanted to be with the cool, Apple kids and see what all the hype was about.

So, to lie to myself further, I decided to use my new purchase all day today to then write about it here. Because, you know, if I write about something for the blog, then it counts as work, right? I mean, I make so much money here.

Seriously though, Apple has hit it out of the park with AirPods. They are worth writing about and espousing praise like every other tech blogger. From set up, to set out, AirPods keep up with life; this is the new benchmark I will set for all tech in my future.

Syncing AirPods with my phone is a joy inducing experience. Opening the satisfying magnetic release on AirPods’ case brought up the sync request on my phone instantly. I was ready to tackle my day of lunch and errands instantly. Again, AirPods just kept up. Taking out one ear while checking out at lunch and Target was seamless. The connection never dropped. I never worried about my headphones falling out or getting caught on things (that last point was actually a huge issue I had with EarPods). Running with AirPods felt seamless and again, the thought of one falling out never crossed my mind.

These are just headphones. Which feels weird realizing, but this is what wireless audio needs to be.

Unfortunately, there are some hang ups. I haven’t quite figured where and how to tap on an AirPod to invoke Play/Pause or Siri. Oh yeah, you get the pleasure of dealing with Siri with AirPods if you want. Otherwise, you can map what you’d like to the headphone taps. While not horrible, AirPods have had some trouble hearing me today. One funny example was Siri asking who my wife was. Not sure where she got that from.

AirPods cost about the same as my at-home headphones, Behr Dynamics DT990s. Those sound fantastic and are stupid comfortable. But they’re just headphones. AirPods, to me, feel like so much more: a natural extension to my phone.

Overall, buy AirPods if you like EarPods and want the future. These really are that good. However, if you don’t like headphones that come with every Apple device, don’t get these. I find them comfortable, but I know that’s not the case for everyone. Some others I’ve spoken with really appreciate the Powerbeats 3. I didn’t opt for those as I personally don’t love in-ear headphones for daily use.

I wholeheartedly recommend AirPods to anyone in the wireless headset market.