How I Treat Online Privacy

Published: May 09, 2022

You'll always be exposed to some degree online. That's the unfortunate truth of the web today. There are things that you can mitigate your exposure.

You probably are a lot further along this path than you already think.

Things I Do

  • Use DuckDuckGo or another privacy-focused search engine
    • Kagi is an interesting alternative that I'm exploring
  • Use a third-party email client (like Apple Mail or similar)
    • I really like Mimestream on the Mac for Gmail
    • I want to switch to Proton Mail instead of Gmail as my email service but haven't made the jump yet
  • Use a physical 2FA key
    • Personally I like Yubikey
    • Get two and set up both at the same time, you'll thank me later
  • Use a robust ad blocker
    • Something like 1Blocker for Safari is fantastic
      • Also provides a VPN configuration for your phone that blocks in-app trackers
    • I use uBlock Origin on Firefox
  • Use a password manager
  • Delete Facebook
    • Or at least just use the mobile site in its own browser to prevent cross-site tracking
    • I technically have Facebook for my Oculus Quest 2, but I don't have it signed in anywhere except for the Oculus
  • Set up OpenVPN on your home network to allow you to VPN into your personal network on sketchy WiFi