Intermediate Pens

Published: May 09, 2022

What Makes an Intermediate Pen?

An intermediate pens is a term I've coined to mean, "a step up from the step up." This is a pen that after you've enjoyed the luxury and amazingness that a good pen can provide and you want to go up the proverbial ladder.

I've collected a few pens that I own and a few that I'd like to try below. Hopefully this helps. The lists are in no particular order as in this price range of $50-$150 is really where you can start expressing personal taste.

Intermediate Pens I Own


  • Steel nib
  • Piston filler
  • Fun colors

Kaweco Liliput

  • Steel nib
  • Super portable, pocket pen
  • I love the brass, but other metals available


  • Steel nib
  • Wild colors
  • Wild shapss

Lamy Studio

  • Steel nib
  • Metal bodied

Intermediate Pens I'd Like to Try

TWSBI Vac 700 R

  • Steel nib
  • Vacuum filler
  • Akin to the 580

Kaweco AL Sport

  • Steel nib
  • Bigger than the Liliput


  • Steel nib
  • Metal bodies, I think brass

Narwhal Nautilus

  • Steel nib
  • Fun colors
  • Interesting barrel shapes